WATCH: Angel Mom Says HYPOCRITE Pelosi “Hid Behind a Wall” Instead of Meeting Her

In a powerful new interview, Sabine Durden, an “Angel Mom” whose son, Dominic, was killed by an illegal alien in a DUI crash, spoke out about the ongoing immigration crisis.

Durden strongly denounced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has refused to meet with her and other Angel Moms, despite their repeated attempts to contact her.

“I thought walls are immoral?” said Durden, admonishing Pelosi for her refusal to discuss immigration, while pointing out that the Speaker “hid behind a wall” to avoid meeting with the parents of Americans whose children were killed by illegal aliens.

“They have no answer,” said Durden in regards to politicians who refuse to answer the question of why they continue to oppose President Trump’s efforts to increase border security.

The grieving mother also called out the mainstream media, including MSNBC and CNN for their hesitance to allow her to speak, and went on to praise President Trump and other Republicans for their outreach.

“I was close to committing suicide,” Durden admitted, and said that her meeting with President Trump helped her to find the strength to continue.