BREAKING: DHS Rushing to Replace 12 Miles of Border Barrier Damaged by Illegals

According to new reports, the Department of Homeland Security is set to expedite work on approximately 12.5 miles of border fencing in California, after Customs and Border Patrol officials reported damage due to smuggling.

In a social media post, frustrated CBP officials reported that agents had discovered damage done to the “dilapidated border infrastructure” which the agency said was “the second time in less than two months.”

The agency reports a high volume of traffic in the region, which encompasses illegal immigration, human smuggling, drug trafficking, and gang-related activity.

Customs and Border Patrol officials and agents have frequently agreed with President Trump’s repeated attempts to bolster security along the US-Mexico border, including his proposed border barrier.

With the 2020 election drawing closer by the day, the issue of border security and illegal immigration has become a point of contention for both Republicans and Democrats, who remain bitterly divided along partisan lines.