BREAKING: French President Macron Caves to Protesters

After three weeks of chaotic protests that left cities across France in ruins, as well as four dead, French President Emmanuel Macron has officially announced through his administration the end of his much-hated fuel tax.

On Wednesday, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe stated that “the tax is now abandoned,” and said the administration would be open to talks with the “yellow vest” protesters.

The protests, which initially came in response to Macron’s climate-related fuel tax, have swept the nation, leaving cities like Paris in flames as protesters destroyed property and clashed with police during increasingly violent demonstrations.

Macron’s decision to abandon his fuel tax for the 2019 year is seen as a major blow, while the tax itself faced staunch opposition from members of Macron’s own administration.

As of Wednesday, “yellow vest” protesters had reportedly not wound down their demonstrations following Macron’s announcement, and vowed to continue their protests until further demands, including addressing the cost of living, are met.

From Hannity:

French President Emmanuel Macron officially “abandoned” his proposed “fuel tax” Wednesday; with government officials confirming the leader rescinded the tariff after widespread protests.

His Prime Minister told reporters the “tax is now abandoned,” adding the administration is “ready for dialogue” to avoid future violence surrounding the policy.

“One of the activists leading France’s protest movement says that he fears more deaths if Saturday’s demonstration goes ahead, and called for President Emmanuel Macron to speak out and bring calm,” writes ABC News. “French President Emmanuel Macron has scrapped a fuel tax rise amid fears of new violence, after weeks of nationwide protests and the worst rioting in Paris in decades.”

“If not there will be chaos,” added another protester before learning of Macron’s reversal.