BREAKING: Native American in Viral Confrontation Lied About Serving in Vietnam!

A recent face-off between a group of Catholic high-school students who supported Trump and a radical left-wing organization comprised of Native American adults captured the media’s attention as journalists jumped at the chance to cover the “racist” teens.

However, as the story progressed and facts emerged, the media’s initial reactions and narrative of events turned out to be completely wrong, as the activist group and the drum-beating member who drew the attention of the nation turned out to be the agitators.

Even further, Nathan Phillips, the activist who faced off against the young man and lead the charge in condemning him with allegations of racial intolerance was later proven to have lied about his military service, falsely claiming to be a Vietnam combat veteran.

As the media slowly began to admit its erroneous reporting and give the young students equal time to tell their side of the story, Phillips refused to meet with them, stating that it’s “not the right time” while implying that they should be expelled from school.

By Tuesday, as Phillips’ questionable past and ties to controversial movements and groups began to emerge, pundits did not look highly on his refusal to meet the young students.

Many openly accused Phillips of stolen valor, and labeled the far-left activist a “fraud” and a “con artist” for claiming to have seen combat in Vietnam, which several commenters pointed out is illegal.