BREAKING: NM Border Patrol Forced to Close ALL Checkpoints After Diverting Agents

According to new reports, the US Border Patrol has been forced to abandon every one of their checkpoints in the state of New Mexico, after having to re-route the agents to deal with the growing crisis at the US-Mexico borderline.

Now, the state’s checkpoints are no longer able to function as a means to capture illegals who have entered the United States, prompting outrage from agents.

An anonymous Border Patrol official said the situation at the border is “really out of control – it’s bad,” and said agents “were told to go ahead and close down all the checkpoints.”

With the crisis at the border continuing to escalate at exponential rates, federal and state law enforcement have repeatedly begged Democrats to work with President Trump and Republicans to increase border security – an issue that has left lawmakers bitterly divided.

From The Epoch Times:

Federal authorities have shut down all highway Border Patrol checkpoints in New Mexico, re-allocating agents to deal with the influx of migrants from south of the border.

The checkpoints—all within 100 miles of the border—are meant to be a last line of defense against people seeking to enter the U.S. illegally.

That safety net has now been compromised.

“We were told to go ahead and close down all the checkpoints,” one official told Texas Monthly anonymously. “It’s really out of control, it’s bad.”

A total of six checkpoints have been closed, including all five in New Mexico, and one in West Texas, according to the Albuquerque Journal.


The move comes after U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) officials announced in a press conference Wednesday extraordinary steps being taken in response to “an unprecedented humanitarian and border security crisis.”

Unusual new measures include re-assigning up to 750 Customs and Border Patrol Officers from ports of entry along the southwest border, who “will soon be supporting Border Patrol with care and custody of migrants.”

“The United States Border Patrol (USBP) continues to apprehend illegal alien families and unaccompanied children in steadily increasing numbers. To process and ensure appropriate care for those in custody, resources including personnel have been diverted from other border security priorities,” a CBP spokesperson stated on Monday, according to the Texas Tribune.

“This shifting of resources and personnel will have a detrimental impact at all Southwest border ports of entry,” the CBP said in a statement. “CBP will have to close lanes, resulting in increased wait times for commercial shipments and travelers.”