BREAKING REPORT: Rosenstein May be Resigning Next

According to the Chief White House Correspondent for OANN Emerald Robinson, in light of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ resignation, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein may be resigning within the next two days.

Sources reportedly told Robinson, that Rosenstein had been summoned to a meeting, and would be offering his resignation “within the next 48 hours.”

Robinson shared this on Twitter.

As Deputy US Attorney General, Rosenstein helmed the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation into allegations of Russian collusion against President Trump and his campaign, following the recusal of AG Sessions.

During his time as Attorney General, Sessions was the recipient of frequent criticism from the president regarding his recusal from the Russia investigation, which came almost immediately after being appointed to the position.

While serving as Deputy AG, Rosenstein, himself, faced a volume of criticism from Trump and his supporters for the Mueller probe, as well as statements allegedly made regarding the potential wiretapping of the White House to remove the president.