BREAKING: Texas Lawmakers to Introduce New Legislation for Funding Trump Wall

According to new information, lawmakers in Texas are preparing to introduce a new bill which would fund $2.5 billion dollars of border wall construction at the US-Mexico border.

Texas Rep. Kyle Biedermann, who spearheaded the move with Rep. Briscoe Cain, said that the funds used in the construction would come from “the economic stabilization fund for the state fiscal year ending August 31, 2019.”

The legislation would pave the way for the state to set to work constructing President Trump’s proposed border barrier, which Republican Governor Greg Abbott has signaled his support for previously.

Should the legislation pass, funding would be allocated for the construction and installation of physical barriers and other measures to combat illegal aliens at the porous borderline, and would contract construction bids to Texas companies.

The move comes as Republicans and Democrats remain bitterly divided over the issue of border security.

From Red State:

As negotiations over wall funding come to a standstill in Washington, two Texas State reps, Kyle Biedermann and Briscoe Cain, plan to introduce legislation to fund $2.5 billion of wall construction along the Texas/Mexico border. Biedermann told Breitbart News’ Matthew Boyle that the funds would be “appropriated from the economic stabilization fund for the state fiscal year ending August 31, 2019.”

Biedermann said:

The funds would be used to design, test, construct, and install physical barriers, roads, and technology along the international land border between the State of Texas and Mexico to prevent illegal crossings in all areas.

Preference for the contracts and awarding of bids for all phases of construction would be given to Texans and Texas-owned entities.


Currently, Republicans hold the Texas State Senate, Statehouse and governorship. In addition, Governor Greg Abbott is a strong Trump ally. “This type of plan could actually work in legally acquiring appropriations for a significant portion of what Trump intends to do along the border.”

Maybe Republicans should approach new California Governor Gavin Newsom to see if he might be receptive to a similar plan. As SNL’s Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say, nevermind!