REPORT: Cory Booker’s 2020 Hopes May Be Jeopardized by Close Ties to Big Pharma

With the 2020 presidential election drawing ever nearer, for possible candidate Cory Booker, his close ties to the pharmaceutical industry are proving to be a difficult stigma to shake.

Now, as the New Jersey Democrat mulls his chances for a White House run, he’s facing increasing scrutiny from liberals due to his apparent support of the drug industry during his time as a Senator.

A recent piece by far-left publication Huffington Post implied that Booker and other Democrats’ ties to the pharmaceutical industry “prove Trump right” on the issue.

Now, Booker appears to be scrambling to overhaul his image, recently signaling against drug companies for what he called “outrageous and unjustifiably high costs” of medication.

In 2017, after facing mounting scrutiny, Booker announced a “pause” on accepting donations from pharmaceutical companies, which he said was due to “criticism,” while continuing to fuel rumors of a possible 2020 campaign.

From The Hill:

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) is trying to overcome doubts that he is too close to the pharmaceutical industry ahead of an expected presidential campaign.

The progressive criticism of Booker reached a crescendo in early 2017 when he voted against a budget amendment calling for importing drugs from abroad.

The line of attack played into broader fears from progressives that Booker is not tough enough on corporations in general, including Wall Street.

“Cory Booker And A Bunch Of Democrats Prove Trump Right On Big Pharma,” read a headline in HuffPost.


Booker argued at the time that he supports importing drugs but that the measure lacked standards to ensure the drugs being brought into the country are safe.