DC Paper Throws Shade at Lindsey Graham, Puts Him on Cover of LGBT Singles Issue

The publication “Washington Blade” placed Senator Lindsey Graham on the cover touting him one of the most “eligible” LGBT singles in the city.

Back in October, TMZ reported that Graham told them, “To the extent that it matters, I’m not gay” — but it was definitely a measured response.

Some of the backlash against Chelsea — who’s no fan of Prez Trump or Sen. Graham’s support of Brett Kavanaugh — has been that she’s stooped to using homophobia to attack him.

Graham gave us his own take on belittling people for the sake of comedy.

BTW … it’s not the first time Chelsea’s directed a homophobic tweet at Graham. She did it back in January asking, “@LindseyGrahamSC what kind of d*** sucking video do they have on you for you 2 be acting like this? Wouldn’t coming out be more honorable?”

She’s standing by her words. Handler hasn’t deleted either tweet.

From Daily Caller

The Washington Blade put a photo of South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on the cover of this week’s edition, along with a cover article titled “Meet D.C.’s Most Eligible LGBT Singles.”

The article, published online on Wednesday, listed 20 eligible singles of varying genders and orientations who had been nominated by readers. Graham was not mentioned in the piece at all, although President Donald Trump rated two mentions from the highlighted singles — one of whom told interested readers that Trump-voters need not apply.


The paper promoted the article on Twitter several times, and Graham’s face did not appear in that photo either — instead, it showed a collage of photos of the eligible singles.

There was a sub-headline that read, “Sen. Lindsey Graham didn’t quite make the cut,” but did not clarify that the article about Graham was completely unrelated to the article about the eligible singles.

Graham was actually mentioned in a different piece, published on Saturday, titled,”Is It Homophobic To Speculate About A Politician’s Sexuality?”

In that article, author James Wellemeyer asked whether or not it’s ethical to “out” politicians — and appeared to land on the position that, as long as the person has “done no harm” to the LGBT community, it’s probably not very nice to “out” them as a political tactic.

Outing as a political tactic and as a general practice remain controversial. Most agree that revealing the sexual orientation of an individual who has done no harm to the LGBT community is unethical. In some cases, outing can even subject LGBT people to physical danger.

However, his ethics appeared to take a hard left when it came to people who don’t offer political support for LGBT issues. “But the question becomes more complicated when the discussion centers on powerful politicians who have pushed anti-gay agendas,” he said.

Graham’s name came up in the article because, over the years, a number of people — from Bill Maher to Chelsea Handler — have openly speculated about his sexual orientation and whether or not he’s now supporting the president’s agenda out of fear.