Dem Senator Says Give Illegals With DUI’s a Pass, Angel Mom Sabine Durden Puts Him to Shame

Monday afternoon, Trump campaign member Steven Cheung noticed Democrat Menendez making quite an outrageous statement.

Senator Bob Menendez implied that illegal immigrants (who already have broken the law of trespassing) should get a pass if given a DUI (a SECOND crime.)

Cheung wrote:

MUST WATCH: @SenatorMenendez on @CNN just said that we shouldn’t categorize illegal immigrants who have committed DUI’s as criminals. In what world does an elected official believe DUI’s do not constitute criminal behavior, in addition to being in the country illegally?

Many responded with outrage.

Robby Starbuck responded:

So Democrats are moving the goalposts again. Now they’d like us to keep illegal immigrants who’ve committed DUI’s in the country.


Kambree Nelson wrote:

Illegals who get DUI = NOT CRIMINAL
USA citizens who get DUI = CRIMINAL
Funny how this works.

Angel Mom, Sabine Durden, who lost her son Dominic to an illegal killer who had 2 DUIs and only got probation then dropped down the gauntlet on Menendez.

Wow & not surprised.Their future voters = illegal aliens get cuddled & have little consequences 4 their crimes, while I have only my sons ashes left. The illegal killer of my son had 2 DUIs & received probation. Illegals should roam free while Americans get locked up