Dems Gear Up Counter-Move if Trump Declares National Emergency for the Wall

Democrats are already gearing up to sue the president if he declares a “national emergency” in order to build his border wall.

Politico reported that House Democrats are weighing a lawsuit if President Donald Trump pulls the trigger on a national emergency declaration to build his border wall, with party leaders eager to stop the president from doing an end run around Congress.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi declined to lay out exactly how House Democrats would respond to such an explosive move during a Thursday morning news conference. And senior Democratic sources cautioned that lawmakers will wait to see whether Trump actually goes through with his threat to unilaterally move money to build his wall on the southern border.

On his way to the border last Thursday, President Trump spoke to the media, and reiterated that the Democrats don’t “give a damn” about crime.

Watch the video:


Democrats are considering filing a lawsuit to obstruct President Trump if he declares a national emergency to build a border wall.

“Let’s fight it out in court,” said Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland. “Let’s get the president’s obsession out of the legislative context. Let’s put it into the courts. Let’s reopen the government, and we’ll see if he has those powers or not.”

(Spoiler alert: He does.)


Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi ― chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee ― agreed. “Most of the Democrats I know would be happy to be a part to that lawsuit!” he chirped.

As BizPac Review reported, many legal experts say President Trump has broad authority — guaranteed under the United States Constitution — to take measures to safeguard national security.

A president can declare that the nation is in a state of national emergency at his discretion. Many believe the US Supreme Court would uphold this Constitutional authority.

Given the heavy financial burdens and criminal costs of illegal immigration borne by US taxpayers ($113 billion a year and 5,475 Americans murdered every year by illegals), Trump has a solid argument for declaring a national emergency and building the border wall.

And he can do this without the support of obstructionist Democrats.

Harvard Law professor Mark Tushnet told NBC that President Trump is on “very solid legal ground.”

“The Department of Defense has funds in its account that are not specifically designated for anything,” Tushnet explained. My instinct is to say that if he declares a national emergency and uses this pot of unappropriated money for the wall, he’s on very solid legal ground.”