FLIP FLOP! Hillary NOT Ready to “Close the Door” on 2020 Just Yet!

Just a mere day ago, Hillary Clinton had bowed out from running in 2020 and President Trump even dropped a tweet mocking her over it.

Now, suddenly Hillary has decided to keep the door a crack open just in case….

From FoxNews

What a difference a day makes.

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Hillary Clinton made headlines Monday when she told a local New York news channel that she would not run for president in 2020.

But late Tuesday, Maggie Haberman, a political reporter for the New York Times, tweeted that she spoke with a person close to the former secretary of state. The unnamed source said Clinton was not trying to “be emphatic and close the door on running” with the comment and was apparently “surprised” at the reaction.

There is little buzz about a potential Kerry announcement, but there is clear interest in a potential Joe Biden bid. Recent polls have him leading the field of Democrats who have already announced. With Michael Bloomberg out of the way, there seems to be a clear path for a more centrist Democrat.

Those interested in Biden’s decision include New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who are reportedly in “wait-and-see” mode on their own potential candidacies until Biden ends his “Hamlet act,” according to Politico.


Clinton told News 12 Westchester on Monday that there is a lot at stake for the country.

“We’ve just gotten so polarized,” she said.  “We’ve gotten into really opposing camps unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my adult life.”