Graham Challenges Dems to Make AOC Their Leader, Calls for VOTE on “Green New Deal”

While the far-left’s “Green New Deal” continues to garner both media attention and scrutiny from politicians, pundits, and voters, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent call for a vote on the proposal has left Democrats appearing frightened.

“Americans deserve to see what kind of solutions far-left Democrats are offering to deal with climate change,” Graham sardonically added.

Graham’s suggestion would leave prominent Democrats who have signaled support for the Green New Deal on the hook, a proposition many would prefer to avoid – given the details of the deal.

This move would also symbolically anoint the controversial media star Ocasio-Cortez as the thought “leader” of the left.

Are they ready for this when she has advocated such ridiculous positions as all latinos being exempt to U.S. immigration laws?

The Green New Deal, which was proposed by far-left Democrat socialist lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has revived harsh reviews by both Republicans and Democrats, so much so that the young Congresswoman recently pulled its details from her website.


By suggesting a vote, Graham seeks to publicly hold Democrats, including some likely 2020 presidential contenders, to their support of the radical left-wing proposition.

Some responded to Graham with more commentary.

1. Under the New Green Deal, if you work in the following, you will be out of a job:

Cattle Ranchers
Livestock Vets
Feed Suppliers
Meat Packing
Dairy Industry, including ICE CREAM
Car & Part Manufactuers & Distributors
Used Car Sellers
Car Washes
Airlines, all employees
Airline Food Suppliers
Airline Cleaning
Airline Mechanics
Plane Manufacturers
All airport employees: janitors, kiosk, duty free, security, shuttle drivers, baggage handlers, valets, parking attendants
Rental Car

Lindsey Graham wants to vote on the Green Thing. Awesome.