Graham Warns GOP Going Against Trump on Wall Would be the END of the Party

Lindsey Graham appeared on Sean Hannity following President Trump’s Oval Office address to the nation.

Graham said if we “undercut” the President on the wall, it’s the end of the Republican Party.

Mediaite reported that Graham said, “It is a crisis, Sean, I have tried to be reasonable and practical, but when it comes to immigration – and I’m flabbergasted to hear from my Democratic colleagues who have voted for billions of dollars in border security money that this is manufactured. Was it manufactured when Obama wanted the money? No. Why did you give the money to Obama and Bush if it was a manufactured crisis?”

Hannity continued the point. “I think if you look, Hillary Clinton supported it, Chuck Schumer supported it, Biden supported it. Obama supported it.”

The two went on to discuss recent tragic deaths of American citizens, including a police officer, in incidents involving illegal immigrants.

Watch the video:

From The Week

Hannity and Fox Business host Lou Dobbs are among the immigration hardliners who have been privately advising Trump to “push forward for the wall funding and break the Democrats’ will,” The Daily Beast reports.

Talking points distributed by the White House during the speech instructed Trump surrogates to describe the address using words like “presidential,” “confident,” “leadership,” “strong,” and “empathetic.”


Before the speech, Reuters released a poll showing Trump’s border wall idea to be really unpopular, his shutting down the government over wall funding less popular still, and a growing number of Americans blaming Trump for the shutdown.

Also Tuesday, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Ala.) joined GOP colleaguesSusan Collins (Maine), Shelly Moore Capito (W.Va.), and Cory Gardner (Colo.) in backing Democratic-led bipartisan legislation that would reopen the parts of the government that don’t deal with the border wall.

Graham tried to head off GOP defections, too: “To my Republican colleagues, this is the best chance we’ll ever have to help President Trump get border wall funding, steel barrier funding, and at the same time fix the loopholes. The only way we lose is to give in. If we’ll stand firm, put deals on the table that make sense, we will win this on behalf of the American people — but if we undercut the president, that’s the end of his presidency and the end of our party, and we deserve to be punished if we give in now.”

Presumably that speech, not Graham’s push for comprehensive immigration reform, is what got him invited onto Hannity.