James Woods Shares Video Evidence of Acosta Incident Debunking Many Defending Him

On Wednesday, CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta caused controversy at a Presidential press conference, and this time, things got so heated that he lost his press pass.

Red State reported on Acosta’s contentious behavior:

As I’ve stated time and again, Acosta acts less like a diligent journalist and more like an activist trying to sink a President with questions and actions that would make him nearly indistinguishable from angry protesters if it weren’t for the expensive suit and the press pass.

As soon as Trump called on Acosta, Acosta began to “correct” Trump about his comments on the migrant caravan working its way to the United States. Trump noted that he does consider a bunch of migrants looking to enter the United States as an “invasion,” and told Acosta that he wants them to go through the process.

The final straw came when a White House intern, whose job it is to pass the microphone from reporter to reporter, went to take the microphone from Acosta, and he swatted her away.

Acosta and other mainstream media reporters claim he did not “swat” the intern.

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However, actor and conservative James Woods posted a slow-motion video of the moment, which shows Acosta swatting away the intern’s arm in what appears to be an “aggressive” fashion.

Ryan Saveedra also noted that Acosta’s claim that he never touched the female White House aide appears to be inaccurate.

The video seems to show Acosta did touch her, but Anderson Cooper did not his colleague’s claim.


What are your thoughts?

Was Jim Acosta lying when he said he did not touch the White House intern? Or did he just not remember doing so?