LISTEN: CBS White House SLAMS Acosta for Poor Conduct!

Speaking during a radio interview on Friday, CBS White House correspondent Major Garrett appeared disappointed with CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s recent behavior at the White House, including frequent clashes with President Trump and staff.

Garret acknowledged a certain “standard of conduct” existed among the White House press pool, and pointed out that when he mistakenly thought the president had asked him a question during a briefing, he relinquished the microphone upon realizing otherwise.

The CBS journalist explained, “that’s how I orient myself to the institution,” in reference to his decision not to emulate his colleagues in their combative relationship with Trump and his administration, adding, “I respect the institution and the country’s choice.”

Later in the interview, when asked about Acosta’s behavior at the White House violated the press pool’s unspoken code of ethics, Garret replied, “I do my level best to not make myself part of story, and I think the best journalists operate that way.”

After having his White House press credentials suspended by the Secret Service, Acosta and CNN scored a victory in court on Friday, when a federal judge ruled that his hard pass must be temporarily restored.

The issue stems from a recent battle between President Trump and Acosta during a tense press briefing at the White House, resulting in the suspension of the CNN correspondent’s pass after he appeared to struggle with a female White House aide over a microphone.