Midterms Exit Poll Shows Majority Views Mueller Probe as “Politically Motivated”

The 2018 midterms are over, and President Trump had a historic night, by not only holding the Senate but also gaining seats.

On Tuesday, CNN conducted exit polls at polling stations around the country. One question asked was if Americans feel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe is “politically motivated.”

The results of the poll show a whopping 54 percent of Americans see the probe as politically motivated.

This may pose a problem for Democrats, who, after retaking the House, have vowed to further investigate “Russia collusion.”

CNN reported today, Democrats plan to use their investigative powers next year to reopen the House’s Russia investigation, probe possible obstruction of justice and fight to ensure that special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings are not hidden from the public.

In addition, voters appear to have soured on Mueller. Only 41 percent approve, while a plurality of 46 percent disapproves.

From Breitbart

A CNN exit poll shows that a clear majority of 54 percent of Americans see the Russian investigation as politically motivated, while only 41 percent disagree.

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Voters have also soured on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s handing of the investigation. Only 41 percent approve, while a plurality of 46 percent disapprove.

What’s remarkable about these numbers is that they from an electorate that wanted Democrats to win control of the House by an eight point margin, 54 percent to 44 percent — an electorate that went for Hillary Clinton over Trump by three points, 43 percent to 40 percent.

The exit poll conducted by the far-left CNN also matches other polls asking the same questions.

NBC News discovered that only 42 percent of voters approve of Mueller’s handling of the investigation, while 45 percent disapprove. What’s more, only 61 percent of Democrats approve of Mueller.

A CBS News poll found that 53 percent believe the Russia investigation is politically motivated, with only 44 percent saying it is justified.

According to CBS, the overall public, 76 percent, still want Trump to cooperate with Mueller, but that is down from 84 percent. Among Republicans, the call for Trump to cooperate has slipped 20 points, from 73 percent to 53 percent.


While the establishment media continue to hype the Russian collusion story, after some 18 months of Mueller’s investigation and a glaring lack of evidence, the American people appear to be tiring of this hanging over their president.