New Petition DEMANDS Fox News Stand With Tucker Against Smears or Face “Epic” Boycott

A new petition is calling for Fox News to stand by their popular host Tucker Carlson against leftist organization Media Matters or face an “epic” organized boycott.

The petition reads:

Recently, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has become the target of far-left activist group Media Matters, who have released a series of “non PC” statements made by Carlson over a decade ago and urged for a nationwide boycott of his sponsors.

Carlson is far from the only conservative pundit to be targeted by Media Matters, and joins a long list of colleagues who have faced similar persecution from the group.

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Media Matters continues to pressure Fox News to remove Carlson from the air, with President Angelo Carusone, a radical left-wing activist with alleged ties to George Soros, leading the charge.

However, Carusone’s own lengthy history of disturbing remarks, including bigoted mockery of Jewish, Japanese, and transgender individuals, exposes his persecution of Carlson to be nothing more than an agenda-driven attack.

As loyal viewers, we DEMAND Fox News stand behind Tucker Carlson, and refuse to cave to Media Matters, a radical leftist organization that uses bullying tactics in an effort to silence any voices that disagree with their opinions.

If Fox News caves to the radical leftist mob at Media Matters and removes Tucker Carlson, we the Fox News viewers will organize a widespread boycott of epic proportions.


You can read and sign the petition here. 

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