OUCH! Watch Warren “Supporters” Standing Behind Her LEAVE EARLY!

Elizabeth Warren made her official announcement on Saturday that she’s running for President.

The New York Times reported that Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts formally announced her 2020 presidential bid Saturday, calling for “fundamental change” on behalf of working people and arguing that President Trump is “just the latest and most extreme symptom of what’s gone wrong in America.”

Speaking on a clear, chilly day against a backdrop of old red brick mill buildings at the site of one of the nation’s most famous labor strikes, she said workers now, like workers then, had had enough. She said that replacing Mr. Trump, whose administration she called “the most corrupt in living memory,” was only the first step in fighting back against a system tilted in favor of the wealthy.

During her big speech, however, she lost a few supporters who were standing directly behind her. They seemed to have enough, and just walked off.

American Mirror reported that some people just had enough of Elizabeth Warren’s talking.

During the Senator’s official announcement for president today in Lawrence, Massachusetts, some “supporters” positioned directly behind her split early.

Before the event started, the duo was see huddled together under a blanket. As the rally dragged on and Warren spoke at length, they’d finally had enough and left.

The man wearing a green shirt could be seen whispering in the woman’s ear next to him, and she soon after made room for the pair to make a break for it.

The rally was well over 2 hours long.

Watch the video: