Rashida Tlaib Shares Note Telling Her to Stop “Jew Hatred,” Claims it’s Hateful Bullying

Wednesday, Freshman lawmaker Rashida Tlaib shared a note left on her door she claimed was “hateful” towards her.

The note reads ““Rep. Omar, Stop your disgusting Jew hatred. Your sign says ‘Justice for all.’ That means Jews too. Your jihab against the Jews will fail. Am Yisrael Chai!” The last phrase refers to a Hebrew chant that means “the nation of Israel lives.”

Many on social media did not agree the note was “hateful” at all.

“Stop hating Jews”


Facts are facts. Shall we look back at some of her quotes?

I don’t know, I just don’t think it’s legit unless it also says “THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY!!!”


Rashida Tlaib has made many comments deemed anti-semitic by many.

Early January, Tlaib, responding to a post by Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders,  suggested that Senate Republicans were more loyal to Israel than the U.S., amid a report that GOP leaders were planning to introduce a bill that would punish companies that participate in the so-called “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” (BDS) global movement against Israel.  BDS proponents seek to pressure Israel through economic and other means — often, until Israel ceases to exist in its current form.

“They forgot what country they represent,” Tlaib, a Palestinian-American who made history last week by becoming one of the first two Muslim women to ever serve in Congress, wrote.