Sacramento Kings Fan Sparks Liberal Outrage By Wearing “Build the Wall” Jersey

Two young men who attended a New Jersey NBA basketball game, sparked massive outrage by wearing “Trump” and “Build The Wall” jerseys.

Fox News reported that two fans of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings drew reactions on social media after wearing team jerseys saying “Build the Wall” and “Trump” on the back during a game against the Miami Heat on Friday, according to reports.

Daniel Goldsmith, 33, of South Lake Tahoe, Calif., told the Sacramento Bee that he is the one with the white “Build the Wall” No. 19 jersey, while his friend Pete Molinelli wore a black jersey with No. 1 that said “Trump.”

Watch the video:

From Sacramento Bee

A photo of two fans sporting customized Sacramento Kings jerseys reading “Build the Wall” and “Trump” in the front row of a recent Kings game led to some heated debate on social media. But the men in the photo said it was meant as a joke, not a political statement.

Daniel Goldsmith, a South Lake Tahoe resident who says he’s a lifelong Kings fan, told The Sacramento Bee by phone Tuesday that he’s the one who wore the white and purple “Build the Wall” No. 19 jersey, next to his friend, Pete Molinelli, who wore a black No. 1 jersey reading “Trump” on the back.

A photo of the friends was taken during Friday’s win over the Miami Heat at Golden 1 Center and got viral attention online, Goldsmith said.


“At the venue nobody really said anything except smiles and laughs, they thought it was funny,” Goldsmith said. “Nobody really had any opinions until the next day when I saw my phone and it was blowing up on Twitter.”