Steele Admits Unvetted User-Submitted Blogs on CNN Was Source for Dossier

Anti-Trump British dossier author Christopher Steele has now made the shocking admission that a source for the dossier was unverified user submitted blog writings on CNN.

The section of CNN called “iReport” allowed users to write anything they wanted, similar to a “comments” section.

This completely unverified information was then used for the dossier, that was then in turn promoted by Senator John McCain and used by the FBI as the basis for FISA warrants to spy on Trump team members.

Newsmax reported that former British spy Christopher Steele, the author of the salacious dossier about President Donald Trump, admitted in a deposition that he used unverified sources for some of the information contained in the document.

CNN reported on a deposition Steele gave last summer, in which he said he used material gathered from CNN iReport stories. CNN iReport was a citizen journalist arm of the news network that relied on users submitting stories and multimedia content.

Watch the video:

From Breitbart 

Christopher Steele, the former British spy who created the anti-Donald Trump Russia “dossier,” used unverified information he found on a CNN website where users generated their own content, he told a court last year.

Fox News reported Saturday that Steele, testifying in a defamation lawsuit filed by Russian entrepreneur Aleksej Gubarev last year, said that he obtained information about one of Gubarev’s companies on “something called CNN iReport.” (The lawsuit was dismissed in December.)


As Fox News noted, CNN iReport, which is now apparently out of service, invited members of the public to submit their own content as a form of citizen journalism. The service contained a disclaimer (original emphasis):

The views and content on this site are solely those of the contributors. CNN makes no guarantees about the content or the coverage on! is a user-generated site. That means the stories submitted by users are not edited, fact-checked or screened before they post. Only the stories marked “On CNN” have been vetted by CNN for use in CNN’s global news coverage.

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CNN is known to have known about the contents of the dossier; then-FBI director James Comey warned President-elect Trump that CNN had the document and were looking for a “news hook.” Once Buzzfeed published it, CNN was quick to report on the dossier, and has continued to treat it as legitimate ever since in its effort to substantiate claims of Russian “collusion” with Trump, though the dossier’s main contentions have never been corroborated.

Ironically, at least some of the dossier’s content may have originated with CNN itself.