Trump Just Shared a Video From the US-Mexico Border and it’s Already Viral

President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon during his trip to the US-Mexico border in Texas, where he shared a video of his visit, including his meeting with Border Patrol, ICE, and other law enforcement officials.

Speaking with reporters, the president said “Where you have a good, strong barrier – you don’t have problems,” while discussing the ongoing issues of drugs, guns, and human trafficking occurring at the southern border.

As he addressed the issue of human smuggling at the border, Trump said that “If we had a barrier of any kind – a powerful barrier, whether it’s steel or concrete […] we would stop it cold.”

“I have the absolute right to declare a national emergency,” said the president, regarding Democrats’ ongoing efforts to prevent his requested funding to bolster border security, including the construction of the planned barrier at the border.

Trump further asserted, “I’m not prepared to [declare a national emergency] yet, but if I have to, I will,” which many have speculated may be the best way around the efforts to block increases to border security.

As the ongoing shutdown of the federal government nears the completion of its full third week, Trump and his administration have repeatedly reached out to Democrats to reach a deal, but after Wednesday talks failed, little progress appears to have been made.