Turns Out Dems Had No Problem Funding a MASSIVE Border Wall in the Middle East!

According to new reports, while Democrats appear united in their vows to prevent President Trump’s efforts at bolstering security at the US-Mexico border, prominent figures including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, had no problem funding a border wall for Jordan.

During Barack Obama’s presidency, Democrats such as Schumer and Hillary Clinton approved a reported $500 million dollars in US funding which went towards the construction of a barrier for the Middle Eastern country, beginning in 2008.

Now, however, Democrats remain virulently opposed to President Trump’s attempts at bolstering border security – leaving prominent Democrats such as Schumer and Pelosi scrambling to explain why their positions on the issue suddenly changed.

While Democrats oppose Trump’s wall as “immoral” and “ineffective,” they recently posed no obstacle to his predecessor’s funding of a similar barrier in a foreign country, making it harder for their current objections to be taken seriously.

Following President Trump’s primetime address on Tuesday, top Democrats have appeared to be losing steam, leading to mounting speculation that a deal may be reached soon in order to end the ongoing government shutdown.

From The Western Journal:

As the government shut down continues with the battle over border wall funding not yet resolved, the left’s hypocrisy on the issue continues to be revealed.

One example of this, of course, is that the Democrats have previously approved higher amounts of spending on a barrier of some form along the southern U.S. border.

Now, we have yet another example of how Democratic objections to funding the wall look more like a temper tantrum than an actual, legitimate concern.

In February 2016, Vice News reported that then-President Barack Obama helped the Middle Eastern country of Jordan with its construction of a border barrier to the tune of half a billion dollars.


Jordan wanted the wall to “stem the flow of refugees and also wall off the increasingly important (military) American base from the disintegration of Syria and Iraq,” the website reported.

Wait. A country wanted to help stop refugees from entering and Democrats were not only OK with that, but helped pay for it?

It gets even better. When the project began in 2008, the price tag was only $20 million.

That plan, at that time, was to “to erect a set of surveillance towers along a 30-mile (50 km) stretch of the border with Syria,” Vice News reported.

Since then it had grown, as had the cost and amount of funding provided by the United States.