Twitter Reacts After CNN Host Claims All White Women Who Voted for Trump are Racist

After CNN host Kirsten Powers recently suggested that women who voted for President Trump are inherently “racist,” her remarks quickly went viral, and conservatives flocked to the internet to respond.

“I just want to say that doesn’t make you not racist,” Powers said of voters who supported Trump due to their dislike of Hillary Clinton. “It actually makes you racist. If you support somebody who does racist things, that makes you racist. I just want to establish that.”

The CNN host also stated her belief that “the white patriarchal system actually benefits white women in a lot of the ways,” and suggested “they are also benefiting” from what she described to be an inherently racist system.

Naturally, Trump supporters took offense to Powers’ blanket generalization and accusations of racism, and replied with shock and outrage.


Voters who supported Trump gave a variety of responses, including many who still held reservations about the president, but explained that they chose to support him due to the left’s behavior.