Twitter Reacts After Pelosi Attempts to FORCE Trump to Cancel SOTU Address

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “disinvited” President Trump from his planned State of the Union address on Wednesday, reactions on social media came swiftly.

Pelosi, who appears to currently hold the reins of the entire Democratic Party, has clashed fiercely with Trump over the issue of border security – continuously denying his requested funding for the border wall in a bitter display of partisan politics.

Although Pelosi’s most recent move was meant as a power-play in the ongoing battle over border security, her decision to attempt to prevent President Trump from speaking to the American people was seen by many pundits and commenters as a serious gaffe.

As Republicans, conservative pundits, and the rest of social media began to react to the Democrats’ latest efforts to stymy the president on the issue of the US border, it became clear that Pelosi’s plan did not appear to be working.

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Many pointed out that, despite Pelosi and other Democrats claiming to care about American workers, their latest decision to try forcing Trump to “postpone” his address did little to dispel the growing allegations that their party is solely fixated on the president.