Twitter Reacts to Viral Video of Human Smugglers Using Child “Decoys” to Distract Border Patrol

A startling new video from the US-Mexico border depicting human traffickers using two young girls as “decoys” to distract Border Patrol agents is now going viral as viewers continue to flock to social media to share their thoughts.

In the video, a six-year-old and nine-year-old are dropped over existing fencing by a human smuggler, and as agents on duty turn their attention to the young girls, ten illegal aliens entered the country.

The latest incident highlights the measures that human traffickers will go to in order to accomplish their smuggling job, and is just one more example of how professional smugglers use children to manipulate and evade US border security.

Comments on social media showed that American citizens, having witnessed months of political theatre by elected officials over illegal immigration and border security, are growing increasingly frustrated.

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Many placed the blame directly on Democrats, who have continuously and vehemently opposed President Trump and Republicans’ efforts at bolstering security along the porous borderline.