WATCH: Latin Comic Legend Paul Rodriguez Comes Out as a Trump Supporter!

Latin Comic legend Paul Rodriguez has come out as a Trump supporter in a new TMZ candid video.

During an interview with TMZ at the airport, Rodriguez admitted that, even though Trump says some things “the wrong way,” he still supports him, but he prefers to keep politics out of his comedy act.

Rodriquez went on to say, that he is an immigrant to this country, and that his parents came here legally.

“I’m an immigrant myself. My parents came in the right way. They stood in line for days.”


From Yahoo

As for which of Trump’s policies resonates with him most, he said, “America should protect its borders, you know? I know a lot of Mexican-Americans are going to disagree with me. It’s not that I don’t care about the people who obviously want to immigrate to this country, but you can’t let everybody in. I’m an immigrant myself. My parents came in the right way. They stood in line for days.”

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He continued: “That’s very rare to find a Mexican-American who’s a Republican. At least people can look at me and know that it’s not that I don’t love this country. I’m an immigrant. I love this country.”

Rodriguez said he was expecting backlash over his comments.

“It’s a terrible thing for me to say this,” he admitted. “I will pay the price for it, but as long as we’re able to speak our minds, I think I should have the right to be wrong in your opinion.”

And while he also said that “any entertainer shouldn’t get into politics because half of the audience is going to hate you,” he broke his own rule — and his most Instagram was subsequently filled with hate comments about Trump. For instance:

“Please tell me you aren’t a trump supporter? If so time to unfollow.”

“One thing is being republican but another thing is being a trump supporter, I truly hope you’re not a trump supporter or you lost a fan.”


“F*** Donald Trump!!! & F*** YOU TOO!!”

Although Rodriguez is a Trump supporter, he said his vote in 2020 isn’t set. If Trump “says one more thing,” then the comedian said he is “really going to change” his vote.