WATCH: Dem Al Green Boasts “It’s a Righteous Thing to Impeach Trump”

During an interview on Tuesday, Democrat Rep. Al Green said impeaching President Trump is a “righteous thing,” while accusing Trump of “bigotry.”

While discussing the ongoing Russia investigation, Green said Trump “appears to be an un-indicted co-conspirator,” which he said was “worthy of arguing consideration to impeachment.”

Green continued, “But more important than these, is the whole notion of bigotry emanating from the president and his policy.”

“Are we going to take on bigotry or allow this to fester and grow? You do not eliminate bigotry by dealing with it in a politically expedient way. You have to deal with it head-on,” said Green, adding, “This is the righteous thing we are doing.”

The Democrat lawmaker went on to say that Trump is “unfit to be president” and again accused him of having committed “impeachable offenses.”

Both Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have backed down from the idea of impeaching Trump.


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