WATCH: Dem Lawmaker Claims White House Conspired to “Set Up” Acosta

Democrat Rep. Gerry Connolly accused President Trump’s White House of staging Wednesday’s confrontational press briefing which resulted in CNN’s Jim Acosta having his press credentials suspended by the Secret Service.

The Virginia Democrat said the president needed “to have a better relationship with the reporters, given the fact he pulled Jim Acosta’s White House press credentials yesterday in kind of a staged setup.”

Speaking to TMZ, Connolly said the heated exchange was “a disgusting scene,” and said “it raises very worrying questions about any respect at all [Trump] has for the free press, and the role of the free press in a democratic society.”

“I believe they had an intern deliberately set up Jim Acosta,” Connolly stated, adding, “Yeah, I think that was pretty clear.”

Pundits and politicians of all backgrounds have commented on Wednesday’s altercation, and as some defended Trump, others defended Acosta, while all agreed that the relationship between the White House and the media has reached new lows.