WATCH: DNC Chair Perez says DREAMers are “Just as American” as his Own Kids

While speaking with MSNBC yesterday, DNC chairman Tom Perez said that DREAMers are a top priority for Democrats heading into 2019, and likened them to his own US-born children.

Citing immigration legislation efforts from 2013, Perez said he believes “DREAMers are every bit as American as my three US-born kids,” while vowing to continue fighting on their behalf.

“I think it’s an economic imperative and a moral imperative to fight for them, so that’s what we’re going to do,” said Perez, who added that he was looking forward to working under “the leadership of soon to be Speaker Pelosi.”

With Democrats set to retake control of the House in January, the Party has faced considerable criticism from Republicans, who allege that liberal politicians are more focused on the needs of illegal aliens than American citizens.