WATCH: GOP Rep. Fires Back at CNN Host “Don’t Put New Zealand on Trump”

During a fiery interview with CNN, Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger refuted CNN host John Berman’s assertions that the Friday massacre at a mosque in New Zealand, which killed at least 49, was somehow President Trump’s fault.

After Berman noted that the suspect in the killing saw “President Trump as a symbol of white identity,” Kinzinger quickly replied, letting the CNN host know, “you cannot put this on President Trump.”

Berman pressed the issue of the suspected murderer having allegedly cited President Trump as an influence, to which Kinzinger noted, “Again, to make the connection of a president saying ‘I’m concerned with illegal immigration,'” was moot.

Kinzinger pointed out that the killer “might make a connection and say “President Trump’s my idol,” but that doesn’t put it on President Trump.”

The GOP Rep. continued, “What I know is this, it cannot be connected, we cannot sit here and say ‘what is it that President Trump is doing that’s somehow triggering these people?'”