WATCH: Incredible Clip of Melania’s Speech on the U.S. Opioid Crisis is a Viral Sensation

First Lady Melania Trump is hosting a series of town halls to discuss the opioid crisis in America, and the important steps the Trump administration is taking to combat it.

The video tweeted by Melania was an instant viral sensation, with over 56k likes and 20k talking about it. reported that First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada Monday afternoon after making two stops in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Seattle, Washington promoting her Be Best message.

Earlier today, Mrs. Trump participated in an opioid town hall at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Opioid addiction is one of the three pillars that make up Mrs. Trump’s Be Best campaign and this is her second time appearing to speak at a town hall hosted by Eric Bolling.

Mrs. Trump delivered remarks that focused on the progress made by the Trump Administration and the great work being done by so many in an effort to end this national crisis.

During her remarks, the First Lady encouraged people to break through the stereotypes of drug addiction.

Mrs. Trump asked the audience to be brave enough to help someone if they know they are struggling, or strong enough to stand by them while they fight the disease.

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Mrs. Trump said that Be Best continues to focus on programs that help educate mothers and families on the dangers of opioid abuse.

The First Lady enforced the idea that ending the opioid epidemic will require the entire country to come together on the large national scale down to local communities and neighborhoods – this is a fight we must all take responsibility for.

Watch the video: