WATCH: Italy’s MASSIVE Trump Float is Breaking the Internet!

On Saturday, Viareggo, Italy unveiled a giant float depicting American President Donald Trump for the Carnevale.

Insider reported that on Saturday, a giant float depicting American President Donald Trump made its debut at the Viareggio Carnevale in Italy.

The float, titled “The Master-Drone” by Fabrizio Galli combined Trumpian iconography, including a Twitter sword, with armor from the Warhammer 40,000 miniature wargame, according to information from the festival’s website.

Explaining the connection, a statement on the website said, “The parallelism with the dominant character of Warhammer 40K has never been more fitting, except that this is not a futuristic three-dimensional tabletop wargame but pure reality.”

The float included multiple moving parts, and featured Trump’s head adorned with laurels, a sharp claw, and a Twitter sword that was inscribed with the words “Dazi Vostri,” or “your duties.”

The Viareggio Carnevale dates back to 1873, and frequently includes political statements.

Watch the video: