WATCH: Lindsey Graham Calls for an Investigation into Loretta Lynch and Comey

During a recent interview, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called for the appointment of a new special counsel to investigate the Justice Department and FBI for potential criminal behavior occurring during the investigations into Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“Did [the DOJ] short-circuit the Clinton e-mail investigation because they wanted her to win?” asked Graham. “They knew if they charged her she might lose. Did they start the Russian investigation against Trump as an insurance policy in case he did win?”

Graham went on to state, “We need a special counsel to look at the potential crimes by the Department of Justice [and] the FBI regarding the Clinton e-mail investigation, and the Russian investigation against Trump early on.”

Recently-released testimony from former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, as well as testimony from others in the DOJ and FBI involved in both the Clinton and Trump case, has further stained the embattled agencies’ reputations.

President Trump, himself, has frequently cited both the FBI and DOJ when denouncing the ongoing probe into his 2016 campaign, which he and Republicans have repeatedly asserted was politically-motivated and designed to prevent his election victory.