WATCH: Maxine Waters FUMES as Trump Impeachment Prospects FIZZLE!

Maxine Waters is experiencing a meltdown, as her dreams of Russia collusion and impeachment fade.

American Mirror reported that Waters is not happy that her Democratic colleagues are abandoning impeachment.

The California Democrat took to Twitter on Thursday to lash out at members of her own party who are not demanding that President Donald Trump be removed from office.

“Unfortunately, many Members of Congress whisper the President should be impeached but have not supported my call for impeachment. Only a few of us dare to continue to urge both Dems and Repubs to impeach this dangerous president. I will keep trying. The public needs to demand!” she wrote.

Two weeks ago, Waters appeared on MSNBC, where she once again mislead her supporters, by claiming Congress had all they needed to impeach the president.

Watch the video: