WATCH: Romney’s Bizarre Method of Blowing Out Candles on His Birthday Cake is Viral

Utah Senator Mitt Romney set Twitter on fire, with the odd way he blew out birthday candles.

Romney’s staff presented him with a “Twinkie” Birthday cake, but it was how Romney blew out the candles that had everyone talking.

Watch the video:

“This is the most bizarre technique for blowing out birthday candles that I’ve ever witnessed. Mitt Romney is a deeply weird dude.”

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“You may think you don’t need to watch this video of Mitt Romney getting a cake made out of twinkies, but otherwise how will you find out what completely bizarre way Mitt Romney blows out birthday candles”


“Mitt Romney blows out birthday candles like a serial killer”

“Watch Mitt Romney blow out birthday candles one-by-one by picking them up individually and bringing them to his lips for a gentle puff of air.”

“It’s Mitt Romney’s 72nd birthday. Does he know how to blow out candles on a cake?”