WATCH: Trump Shakes Obama, Michelle’s Hand At H.W. Bush’s Funeral

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump attended the funeral of George H.W. Bush today inside the National Cathedral.

The Trump’s were seated next to the Obamas, alongside the other former U.S. Presidnets.

Melania was seated next to Obama. And as Vanity Fair pointed out, that is where she was also seated during Barbara Bush’s funeral:

The late former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston on Saturday was attended by “thousands” of reported guests, including familiar faces of White Houses past and present. Former president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were seated in the front row, as was current First Lady Melania Trump, who is there representing the Trump family.


Watch the video:

Before the service, President Trump tweeted out that he was looking forward to celebrating President Bush’s life.

From Daily Caller

President Donald Trump shook former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama’s hands while taking his seat at the funeral of George H.W. Bush.

Trump and first lady Melania Trump are seated alongside the Obama’s in the same row as all other former living presidents. The gathering of the current and former U.S. leaders is an extraordinary moment in U.S. history, marking the first time all of the men have been in the same room together.

Former President George W. Bush will eulogize his father at the state funeral along with former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, former U.S. Sen. Alan Simpson, and H.W. biographer Jon Meacham.