WATCH: Trump Suggests a NEW Way to Let Texas Build The Wall NOW!

During a visit to a Border Patrol station in McAllen, Texas, on Thursday, President Trump met with law enforcement officials and members of the state’s government, including Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, who had an interesting suggestion regarding the border wall.

Trump, who was in Texas to visit the US-Mexico borderline as he continues to fight for the funding necessary to complete his barrier, pointed out that Lt. Gov. Patrick offered to construct the wall at the state level, which he called “not the worst idea I’ve ever heard.”

Patrick said that the State of Texas, if given “a relatively small amount of money,” would gladly “build a wall themselves.”

“I do like the idea,” said the president, who suggested that he “can do it cheaper than you” but added, “We’re going to look at a couple of ways of doing it.”

President Trump’s visit to Texas came after talks with Democrats appeared to have failed on Wednesday, leading to the continuation of the ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government.

After addressing the nation on Tuesday during a primetime address from the Oval Office, the president has mulled several possible paths around his political opponents’ efforts to block his attempted increases to border security.

While meeting with local law enforcement, Border Patrol, and ICE agents in Texas on Thursday, Trump continued touting the option of declaring a national emergency in order to secure the construction of his border wall.