WATCH: Tucker Calls CNN “A Super PAC for the Democrats”

During a recent segment, Fox News host Tucker Carlson admonished CNN for the network’s coverage of the allegations of Russian collusion against President Trump, calling the network a “Super PAC for the Democrats.”

“When America’s most powerful Democrat speaks, CNN listens with pen in hand,” said Carlson, pointing out that the network ceased its coverage of the Mueller report, which vindicated President Trump, instead focusing on healthcare at the behest of Nancy Pelosi.

Carlson’s scathing remarks for CNN echoed similar sentiments espoused by various conservative pundits and Republicans, who have frequently lambasted the network and other legacy media outlets for their frequent negative coverage of the Trump presidency.


A petition demanding the DOJ investigate the media for falsely perpetuating the Trump-Russia collusion claim continues to gain steam.

You can read and sign the petition here.

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