WHAT??? Al Green Blames TRUMP for DEMOCRAT Northam’s Blackface Scandal

Democrat Rep. Al Green blames President Trump for Virginia Governor Northam’s blackface scandal, suggested it’s an “impeachable offense” in a recent tweet.

Green has officially called for Trump’s impeachment three times.

Fox News reported that Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, on Thursday issued his third call to impeach President Trump, despite two previous efforts failing to generate enough support in Congress.

“I love my country. However, despite the love I have for my country, I cannot overlook a history spanning some four centuries of racism and oppression based on race, color, gender, as well as socioeconomic status. This year marks 400 years since the first documented African slaves were brought to this land,” he said in a statement. “The remedy must be more than talking points about a much-needed conversation concerning bigotry. Because I believe that 400 years of bigotry culminating in the Trump presidency is worthy of impeachment, I will call for a third vote on impeachment regardless of the findings of the Mueller investigation which is unrelated to bigotry. We cannot allow bigotry to go unchecked.”

In his recent tweet, Green declared that Northam’s refusal to resign is due to a failure to impeach President Trump.

From American Mirror

President Trump is to blame for Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring wearing blackface in the 1980s, says one member of Congress.


Texas Congressman Al Green says the scandals that have engulfed the southern state are “a symptom” of Trumps’ influence on the country.

“When we allow bigotry to infect the body politic with impunity at the highest level, other levels will expect impunity for their bigotry,” Green tweeted this week.

“Gov. Northam’s refusal to resign for his bigotry is a symptom. Failure to act on Pres. Trump’s bigotry is the problem,” he added, ending with the hashtag “ImpeachmentIsNotDead.”

Green did not provide any evidence for his accusation of bigotry by Trump.

While some Democrats are waiting for the Mueller report before making an impeachment push, Green simply doesn’t care.

During remarks on the House floor on Thursday, the Texas congressman said he was taking a stand against “bigotry and hatred.”

He said the “refusal” of Northam to resign is at “the presidential level.”

Green said he understands “why this level bigotry is going to be tolerated to a certain extent, because we don’t want to take on the president.”

He said we need to “impeach bigotry from policy emanating from the presidency.”

Green added, “We have a moral imperative to do so.”

He bellowed that he’s had enough after “400 years” of “bigotry and hatred and slavery and all of these other uglinesses.”

“We’ve had 400 years to deal with it and we haven’t,” Green said, despite America existing for only 242 years.

Green went on to demand an impeachment vote, despite lacking any evidence of “high crimes and misdemeanors” called for in the Constitution.

“There will be a vote on impeachment regardless as to what the Mueller Commission says,” he concluded, “Bigotry in policy will not be tolerated.”

Green was then admonished by the Chair for “engaging in personalities towards the President.”